General Info

Current PhD Students

IMPRS for Brain & Behavior currently has 39 PhD students coming from 20 different countries. Our program is very international with more than half of the PhD students coming from outside of Germany. 16 out of 39 of our PhD students are female. Since IMPRS for Brain & Behavior research groups work on interdisciplinary topics, our PhD students have different educational backgrounds. They have degrees in neuroscience, biology, physics, mathematics, medicine, cognitive science, and psychology among others.




Ilkin Deniz Özer (Uni Bonn), and Mike Guest (caesar) successfully defended their doctoral theses in 2020 and obtained their doctoral degrees. Mike is currently a postdoctoral fellow in David Fitzpatrick’s lab at MPFI, and Ilkin is applying her analytical skills at her job as a life science consultant at Catenion in Berlin.