Faculty Members

List of IMPRS for Brain & Behavior Faculty Members
Name & Affiliation Research Group E-mail
Heinz Beck's picture Heinz Beck
Uni Bonn
Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research
Homepage heinz.beck@ukbonn.de
Frank Bradke's picture Frank Bradke
Axon Growth and Regeneration
Homepage frank.bradke@dzne.de
Kevin Briggman's picture Kevin Briggman
Computational Neuroethology
Homepage kevin.briggman@caesar.de
Jan Gründemann's picture Jan Gründemann
Sensory Processing and Learning
Homepage jan.grundemann@dzne.de
Ilona Grunwald Kadow's picture Ilona Grunwald Kadow
Uni Bonn
Neural Circuits of Adaptive Behavior*
(as of Jan 2022)
Homepage ilona.kadow@gmail.com
Michael Hofmann's picture Michael Hofmann
Uni Bonn
Comparative Neuroanatomy
Homepage mhofmann@uni-bonn.de
Jason Kerr's picture Jason Kerr
Behavior and Brain Organization
Our primary aim is to understand how mammals use vision to make decisions and what the underlying neural processes are during natural behavior. We develop miniaturized head mounted equipment, such as a 3-photon microscope for measuring neuronal activity from all cortical layers and head and eye tracking techniques, that enable us to explore the connection between natural behavior and neuronal activity in freely behaving animals.
Homepage jason.kerr@caesar.de
Aneta Koseska's picture Aneta Koseska
Cellular Computations and Learning
Homepage aneta.koseska@caesar.de
Sabine Krabbe's picture Sabine Krabbe
Functional Diversity of Neural Circuits
Homepage sabine.krabbe@dzne.de
James Lightfoot's picture James Lightfoot
Self-Recognition and Cannibalism
Homepage james.lightfoot@caesar.de
Pascal Malkemper's picture Pascal Malkemper
Neurobiology of Magnetoreception
Homepage pascal.malkemper@caesar.de
Marcel Oberlaender's picture Marcel Oberlaender
In Silico Brain Sciences
Homepage marcel.oberlaender@caesar.de
Michael Pankratz's picture Michael Pankratz
Uni Bonn
Molecular Brain Physiology and Behavior
Homepage pankratz@uni-bonn.de
Tobias Rose's picture Tobias Rose
Uni Bonn
Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior
Homepage tobias.rose@ukbonn.de
Vera Schluessel's picture Vera Schluessel
Uni Bonn
Fish Cognition
Homepage v.schluessel@uni-bonn.de
Dietmar Schmucker's picture Dietmar Schmucker
Uni Bonn
Neuronal Wiring
Homepage dslab@uni-bonn.de
Bettina Schnell's picture Bettina Schnell
Neurobiology of Flight Control
Homepage bettina.schnell@caesar.de
Monika Scholz's picture Monika Scholz
Neural Information Flow
Homepage monika.scholz@caesar.de
Johannes Seelig's picture Johannes Seelig
Neural Circuits
Homepage johannes.seelig@caesar.de
Gaia Tavosanis's picture Gaia Tavosanis
Dynamics of neuronal circuits
Homepage gaia.tavosanis@dzne.de
Gerhard von der Emde's picture Gerhard von der Emde
Uni Bonn
Sensory Ecology / Neuroethology
Homepage vonderemde@uni-bonn.de